Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A tad too early

...but what the heck. A little snowman globe (sort of) that I did for a fellow artist last Christmas (I kid. I made this last February, only then did I send it to her. Jane the procrastinator, hah!). I took my sister's hair serum plastic cover and upcycled it for the "globe" of the snowman. Did it work somewhow? What do you guys think? I still am in the process of collecting more of these plastic globe covers for future projects and probably something saleable for bazaars.

Using polymer clay, I sculpted the snowman by hand, at the same time using a thin gauge of copper wire for its arms. The scarf would be made of yarn, a snippet of cotton lace for the base and the snow was something I bought from the craft store. I'm not really sure what it is exactly. It's not the typical squishy polystyrene balls I see on shops, they were rather hard and smooth in texture.

Taken by my friend upon recieving it. Checkout her page, I can't get enough of her superb stuff!

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