Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Humpty Dumpty: Meet Billie

Folks, say hello to Billie, the first Humpty Dumpty I did way back.

It never occured to me why I put Jean instead of Yoko on his tattoo.

He may look like your regular redneck Humpty Dumpty but Billie has an affinity to John Grisham novels, enjoys Vivaldi's Four Seasons (La Primavera most specially), and secretly wants to be the Walter Cronkite in their village if not for his heavy accent. Nevertheless, he still tries his best to practice speaking the formal english language in his every waking hour inside a television set with its tubes taken out.

Billie is now currently residing in one of my boxes on our makeshift garage. I wonder if he still remembers me.

Images are NOT to be printed or used without my consent.

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