Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Carousels I

I remembered the time when my parents took us to a town circus to see jugglers and clowns on this big canvas tent with green stripes on it. Lights where flickering everywhere, shouts from kids and adults alike are heard from a mile, everything was in motion. Everybody was wearing jacket and sweaters that chilly night of february. We paced from one game booth to another, our shoes crunched happily over the uncemented pebbled floors. To cap off the night, the obligatory carousel ride was implimented by the adults. At first, a feeling of dizziness and nausea prevailed, but after a while the rush of wind and the wild spin of colors consumed me. It was the best night of my childhood. I wish we had every chance to do it every year.

From then on whenever I saw a carousel with its painted horses in shopping malls or amusement parks, the memory of my childhoold coupled by its feeling of nostalgia seems to reel me in. Of course I wouldn't mind riding them, only if they permitted adults to do so. I think my only ticket of ever getting in is to have random  kids pose as my niece / nephew. Sounds like a plan.

Weapon of choice is a Canon AF35M and a roll of Lucky SHD iso 200. Images are NOT to be printed or used without my consent.

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