Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maginhawa Artist Collective mini artisan bazaar

My friend Denver, who is into making tote bags (which are very nice btw) invited me to a weekend artisan's bazaar along Maginhawa St. (Teacher's Village, Diliman, Quezon City) for me to sell some of my handmade wares and whatnots. This was the first "launching" of their planned weekly art bazaar to showccase some of the local aritsts' crafts. Of course I was honored and at the same time stoked because weeks before this invitation I was making some polymer clay necklaces which I was planning to consign with our family friend's fashion boutique (FFF fyeah!). Unfortunately though, she had a planned trip to Hong Kong so I didn't have the chance to talk to her about it. So when this news came in, I was really very relieved.

After three days of preparation, an 8-hour bus trip, and all that jazz, I was back in business. This wasn't my first time with bazaars so I already knew what to expect and what to do when you get there. And I always know how to have fun even if I'm under the scorching heat of the sun (there was a time the organizers of the flea market I participated did not provide any umbrellas or tarps- we were at the parking lot selling our stuff from 8am to 7pm during summer). Well good thing was, they assembled tables and chairs from the organizers' persian kebab restaurant (forgot the name-sorry) and we were situated under the shade of their al fresco setting. Oh and they gave out free lunch and drinks. Way to go!

 Comparing real ones vs. the fake one. Haha!

My table o'wares. That's Rachel, a friend and classmate in college, she was also selling her polymer clay accessories. Actually there were like four of us who sold polymer clay knick knacks back then. And one them was a guy. He started sculpting polyclay  in the late 90's so he's a bit far ahead of us. Shame shame.. Haha! Nah, I think he was awesome. He gave me suggestions on how to texturize my sculptures faster.

I'll be posting individual pictures or collections of my creations with a background setting when I basically have the time.

Just like this- but only more stylishly done.

Instead of chains and locks I used ribbons. Why? I didn't have the time to go to buy my resources for ball chains at the time. They don't sell them here at the suburbs (I currently reside in Ilocos Norte, the bazaar was held in Metro Manila). I guess they do, but not as a bulk price. And people with allergies often asked me if I had ribbons instead of tin chains.

I also sold some postcards which were pictures that I took using my fisheye camera, rangefinder and other plastic toy cameras. And then some 8S prints (8''x 8'') from my medium format toy camera- Holga 120FN. The illustrations and photographs packed together in colorful plastics are actually stickers that I'm also selling. Sadly it had only one buyer. I think there are 5 more left.

My Egg People Pairs! I loved making these guys, but yet again nobody bought it from me. I think its a sign, they're ought to be mine forever. Hahaha, no. I'm giving one to a friend this christmas. *wink wink*  Also, the framed artworks never got sold :( I stayed up late finishing these guys and I also had a hard time looking for the perfect picture frame. ohwell.

My Rainbow Puke vector poster. I made them sometime ago and I always wanted to see them as t-shirt designs. But I know its gonna cost me a lot to silk-screen these because of the color scheme. Maybe I need to come up with something more... monochromatic? We'll see...

So this was my table. I was set up next to Rachel and Jimbert's wares. Jimbert was selling his sister's toy / lomography cameras (with consent of course.. haha!). I bought films from him that day. On the left you could see some of Denver's tote bags hanging from the table. Why the long faces you might ask? It was a hot and humid day. We were all sticky at this point, the rain didn't even help that afternoon.

Jimbert's cameras and Rachel's necklaces.

Here are more of Denver's tote bags.

Tote bags and hand-made pipes.

The other side. It was a small group. There were only six of us and then the organizers and their friends. I wouldn't be surprised because this was supposed to be a "dry run". I'm thankful enough to sell my wares, not all but at least some.

Cola bottle cap pins, "pipes", cane bead jewelry, tote bags, accessories, cameras, posters and other thingamajigs. Small but it has a variety, no?

Group shot. Tsk. The burden of being the cameraman. Haha not really. The girl wearing a purple blouse on the far left was already wearing one of my polymer clay creations. Later that day, his boyfriend Tomas (the guy wearing a green shirt), who was also one of the organizers, asked me if I could make a cherry charm set for her. So the day before my flight to Singapore I gave the piece to them and she loved it instantly :) I hope I get a photo of her wearing it. It would be really nice.

Okay, this was a long post waaayyyy more than I expected. But at least after waiting for two months, I had the time to do it. So yeah, this wraps up my bazaar experience with MAC. I hope I get to participate soon when I have the chance.

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