Monday, June 27, 2011

First bazaar evarrr at Cubao Expo - March 2010

It seems like I'm in the process of documenting my stuff in a backward timetable. Not that I mind, it just recently occured to me after quitting my recent job, I've missed a lot of "errands" on the interwebs. Just like this one. What a shame really, my first bazaar experience was a lot of fun to begin with. Interacting with your costumers on a personal basis gave me an insight on my crafts. The only thing that I had to complain was the lack of bazaar materials for the event, like big umbrellas for shade and the promised tables that they had to offer. But in the end we just shook our hips and did our swagger for profits' sake. Hah! 

My lovely friend Denver took the photo above (by the way check out his tote bags, they're the shiznit!). We paired up for that day, ergo we only paid half each for the selling area rent. Basically we were under the sun for 8 hours, good thing I had the spidey sense to grab my parasol before heading to the bazaar venue. 

In the above photo, you can spot my mounted-on-tile illustrations on the lower right corner. There were about four pairs of them, surprisingly they were all purchased by one buyer (I wonder, where they placed them now). Hanging behind me are my Ain't No Sunshine poster and some of my 8S photographs, which sadly, only one got purchased. Some of the stuff for sale were my copper and glass bead jewelry, camera straps, point and shoot film cameras, and a whole bunch of second-hand stuff like alarm clocks and school bags. For Denver's wares he made hand-made tote bags, natural fiber sling bags, painted canvas wallets, and his friend's bottle cap pins. It was a menagerie of knick-knacks and all things colorful. We were happy with the sales too. We went home with half of our things cleared. 

My oil pastel illustrations mounted on black tiles. My favorite would be the 6 Girls drawing and the Feet with Socks and Shoes oil pastel illustration.

"Attack of the Spermies"
Acrylic and ink on kraft paper

This poster was sold to a girl who gave it to her Japanese friend about to board the plane back home the day after.

"Wipe Your Snot, Silly Girl"
Acrylic and ink on kraft paper.

The poster above now resides on my bedroom wall. For now, I am planning on focusing in making more illustration / silk-screened poster for the upcoming bazaars or art fests in the future. I'd still be producing my clay works, I just want to broaden my wares at the moment.

Images are NOT to be printed or used without my consent. Like a boss.

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