Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tellie Invasion

A product of boredom and some cardboard laying around my friend's house. I remember it was August back in 2009; it was raining all week and most of the time I was just watching some sloppy local tv shows.

To kick the habit and at the same time hype up my motivation, I met with my friend Jane Bernadette and we started conceptualizing some photoshoot ideas on a whim. Basically the things we used were the said cardboard boxes, tape, glue and markers. Top it off with some wig (my friends are into cosplaying) and our goofy expressions, we were good to go.

It was downright fun, albeit my neighbors' staring and the occasional rain.

Also check out the video we made from this shoot... in color! (hah!)

Weapon of choice is my sidekick Holga 120FN and a roll of expired Shanghai Black and White iso100 120mm. Images and videos are NOT to be printed or used without my consent. Like a boss.

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